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Dr. Jitendra Shukla, MD (Homeopathy), practices in Lucknow India. He is Homeopathic Physician and Consultant and Researcher and intensively studied homeopathy over 15 years. Dr. Shukla is specialist of Neuro-Psychiatry diseases, Writer’s Cramp/Dystonia, Parkinson & Cerebral Atrophy Diseases and expert in healing Allergy, Ashthama, Kidney Failure, Migraine, Nuralgia Osteo Arthritis, Diabetes problems and incurable diseases. Dr. Jitendra Shukla has done researches on Writer’ s cramp, Dystonia, Hemi facial Spasm, Parkinson Disease, Kidney Failure, Sexual Disorders, Cancer, Drug Deaddiction, Chronic Diseases/Incurable Diseases and Chronic Constipation.

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