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Dr. Jitendra Shukla, MD (Homeopathy), practices in Lucknow India. He is Homeopathic Physician and Consultant and Researcher and intensively studied homeopathy over 15 years. Dr. Shukla is specialist of Neuro-Psychiatry diseases, Writer’s Cramp/Dystonia, Parkinson & Cerebral Atrophy Diseases and expert in healing Allergy, Ashthama, Kidney Failure, Migraine, Nuralgia Osteo Arthritis, Diabetes problems and incurable diseases. Dr. Jitendra Shukla has done researches on Writer’ s cramp, Dystonia, Hemi facial Spasm, Parkinson Disease, Kidney Failure, Sexual Disorders, Cancer, Drug Deaddiction, Chronic Diseases/Incurable Diseases and Chronic Constipation.

Academic Achievements


Dr. Shukla has received his B.H.M.S. Degree from Nation Homeopathic Medical College, Lucknow.


After internship from District Hospital Balrampur, Lucknow, he successfully completed his M.D. degree in Neuro-Psychiatry from Bakson Homeopathic Medical College, Greater Noida (India). Dissertation: cognitive and psychiatric manifestations related to Epilepsy & their homeopathic treatment.


BHMS, MD (Neuro-Psychiatry)




15 Year


Clinic Address:

Sanjeevani Homoeopathic & Neuro – Psychiatry Research Centre S-41, Gole Market, Near – Jewel Palace, Mahanagar, Lucknow. (UP) Pin – 226006.

Contact Details:-

Mobile No.

+91 9305555066, +91 9839025274

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Kind words from

happy patients

I was facing problem of Tremor in hands since 7-8 years,Therefore I was very nervous while writing ,Even I was unable to do signature But after treatment by Dr. Jitendra Shukla I gt releif and now I Don't feel difficulty while writing. This credit goes to the Dr. Jitendra Shukla

Shiv Kumar Mishra

When I came to the doctor I was unable to balance my body and feeling difficulty in walking. After meeting with doctor I know that there is a tremor in Neck, Head, Hands, then I start his treatment and now I overcome more than 70% problems. GreatWork Thank you Dr. Jitendra Shukla

Manish Gupta


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